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2021 Chicago Bears Defense

The Bears' defense had a rough go at it last year, many discrepancies and weird play calls attributed heavily to the downfall but still of a formidable defense. This year we may have a fully healthy Khalil Mack and the emergence of what we hope will be a defensive guru that will give our pass rushers more opportunity to go after the Qb. Sean Desai worked with defensive mastermind Vic Fangio who helped lead to perhaps one of the most powerful QB hungry- Interception party defenses in perhaps the history of the Bears franchise (no disrespect 1985 bears) it was a pure delight to watch the Bears defense get heavy production from the likes of Akiem Hicks, Kahlil Mack, Roquan Smith, Eddie Jackson, and Danny Trevathan along with other unsung heroes in Roy Robertson and Kyle Fuller. What we need is not from defense but from the offense. What we DO need is for the Bears to perform game after game, give the offense more opportunities through 3 and outs and interceptions.

I'm excited to watch the Bears this season on the defensive end, Jaylon Johnson is entering his second year and he's already proven to be a menace for wide receivers. Sean Desai can also help provide more pressure from the back field opening up opportunities for our edge rushers in Mack and Robert Quinn, What I'm hoping for this season is a top five defense that can put fear into the hearts of opponent offenses and provide more opportunities for our offense to score. This leads to an epiphany on keeping the defense to long out on field and we need them to be present in the endtage of every game where we tend to see our defense fizzle out. What do you think the defense will be able to provide for each and every single game?

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