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A New Beginning For The Bears??

After losing three games, media and fans alike placed Matt Nagy in the hot seat. Head Coach Matt Nagy, announced earlier this week that he will be giving up the reigns on play calling for this upcoming game against the Vikings, a divisional opponent, who is also having a rough season.

What Does This Mean For The Bears?

We don't know much at this time and we can't place our claim on a single game. Granted that offensive coach Bill Lazor is an experienced coach bouncing among multiple teams during his career his last stint in the Bengals leaves more doubt than reassurance that he can take an already poor performing offensive team (that is riddled with injuries and IR placement) that also struggles to produce anything on the ground. With a QB that has 10 TDs and 7 INT holding a 83.8 passer rating does not help reassure this new move (3 wins 4 losses).

Is it All Doom and Gloom?

Maybe...With Montgomery availability still in question (concussion protocol during last weeks game against the Saints) that will place the utility all around man Cordarrelle Patterson as the next man up. A lot changes signings among practice squads shows that still the majority of the offensive line guards may possibly not play on Monday. Now, before everyone picks up their stones and sticks and starts an uprising, I believe Da Bears can still win this game. They have to win this game. Winning the division is the first step in heading towards the playoffs and it begins this Monday.

A New Beginning For The Bears??

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