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Competition Among the QB's


The Chicago Bears announced that sitting Justin Fields is not a "decision taken lightly" and will resume having its QB competition to see which QB will start in week 1. This comes as a shock as the Bears organization continually reinforced their position in having Andy Dalton as their QB1. This may cause the rift between the two moving forward as the Bears organization promised Andy Dalton will be a starter for the 2021-2022 campaign. This news already improves our chances of making it to the playoffs as Field's ability to move around the pocket most closely resembles what Nagy and company are striving towards. This raises a question, what about Foles? will he also be partaking in this competition or will he be the unanimous QB2 (depending on whether or not Fields wins the Qb1 spot) for the Chicago Bears? Let's not forget among the quarterbacks on our roster Nick Foles boasts experience and accomplishments that both QBs lack. The former Superbowl MVP can have a jumpstart and compete as well. We saw glimpses of Foles magic still going strong against Atlanta last year in a comeback game that ultimately won him the starting position over Mitch Trubisky.

Nick Foles Comeback win against The Falcons

Although Foles won the starting further into the season he still went on to a lackluster season ultimately being benched (upon an injury) and having Mitch Trubisky step in once again. This caused a roulette in the offseason with the release of Trubisky and the signing of Andy Dalton for $10 million. Andy Dalton had a surprising season with the Dallas Cowboys, entering the game after Dak Prescott suffered an injury and having a losing record of 6-7 as the starter for the Dallas Cowboys. He had some highlights during the season both with nothing to moon over for. What brought him here was the promise of being Qb1 and repeated saying it in interviews and having the backing of both Nagy and Pace. So why the change? Will this affect their relationship with this news?

This is where it can get interesting, some say it's the media pressure on having Fields starting others will say it's the obvious athletic ability and the structure of the offensive scheme that makes Fields the better fit. Ultimately this is a business and in any business, the better quarterback starts regardless and it begins in competing, Best of this it will pull the best out of all three quarterbacks and will ultimately settle the debate on whether or not Fields is ready to play. The main concern here should be prioritizing Fields development, improving the Oline, and reinforcing our defense. The best-case scenario is for Fields to overtake Dalton organically. If that happens, perhaps the Bears can break the quarterback curse that has plagued the city. They cannot mess this up again.

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