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GAME REVIEW: Vikings @ Chicago Bears (Grades)

Well, that was a tough game to swallow. Chicago Bears have lost their 4th straight game. Let's give these grades out for both teams

FINAL SCORE 19-13 Minnesota Vikings win.

MINNESOTA VIKINGS: Overall (A) *Secures 3rd win in a row*


-Although the run games were not effective during the first half of the game Kirk Cousin, proved his efficiency by extending plays with his legs. Dalvin Cook began to heat up in the second half with a few explosives runs and showed his prowess by maintaining upright and shedding off tackles from the elites such as Eddie Jackson and Danny Trevathan. Through the efforts of the offense, the Vikings managed to pull in an impressive 385 total yards in offense (that's nearly 2.5x that the bears were able to muster up). Could have had an A if it weren't for all those penalties that proved costly when it involved moving the chains.

Passing: (A) Rushing (C+) Receivers (B-) Pass Protection (B+) Rush Protection (C)

Notables: Kirk Cousins/Dalvin Cook/Justin Jefferson*/Adam Thielen

MVP: Justin Jefferson


-It appears to be pretty easy against the Bears offense nowadays. Creating enough pressure to cause an interception, a fumble, 2 sacks, and a total of 6 tackles for loss. The defense came to play. Limiting the bears' offense to a measly 149 yards for the game (108 passing and 41 rushing yards). Despite a shaky start in the first quarter they managed to revamp the pressure and stop both the air and run game to a grinding stop in the 2nd half.

Defense Vs Rush (A+) Defense Vs Pass (A) Overall Pressure(A-)

Notables: Eric Wilson/Jeff Gladney/Anthony Harris/Hercules Mata'afa

MVP Eric Wilson


-Simple mistakes are costing this team. From a kickoff leading

to a returned 6 To a poor miscommunication for a field goal could have been a costly error. Vikings need to improve in this faucet and they need to do so quickly. adequate work aside from allowing a return the special teams did recover a fumble which gave them prime field advantage.

Kicking (B+) Defending (C+) Return (B-)

CHICAGO BEARS: Overall (C-) "4 game losing streak"


-Poor, poor, poor, execution of plays. Extremely linear that provided nearly nothing in the second half. Nick Foles showed a few times that he was able to extend certain plays with his legs, the offensive line showed improvement giving Foles a little more time in certain play calls but it all ended up being for nothing. Now, there were some highlights, Kmet, Robinson, Miller, Patterson even Lamar Miller were all part of few key plays but it quickly became dormant in the second half. Bill Lazor, showed slight improvement was a few play-calls where questionable but it quickly turned into a linear predictable play-calling. This is beginning to blow up on our faces as we are quickly seeing that the defense cannot be heavily relied on to defend AND score points for you. In fact, none of the points were provided by this offense. The only points came from Patterson on a return and 2 field goals from Santos. This offense deserved an F grading BUT the only thing that prohibited me from giving this grade was due to an improvement of the offensive line, a couple of great runs from Patterson, and well... I think that's it. I am fuming over this performance I might as well stop now. Get Well Nick Foles!

Passing (C) Rushing (D) Receivers (C-) Pass Protection (C+) Rush Protection (D)

Notables: (there really shouldn't be but okay)

Nick Foles, Cole Kmet, Cordarrell Patterson

MVP -Cordarell Patterson


-Defense was surely the "star" of the game. stopping the ground game was crucial and the bears' defense just did. Akiem Hicks anchored that defense and it was quickly evident of that from the moment that Hicks Walked off the field with an apparent hamstring injury* (No official word at this time). It was an all-around effort as Khalil Mack and the company provided a multitude of QB pressures and managed to snag an interception off a weird "catch" from Rudolph. Mack managed to run that for a positive gain of 33 yards before being pushed off into the sidelines (Don't worry Vikings, I wouldn't want to stand in the way of Khalil Mack. Full sprint nuh-uh that stuff has all the ingredients of nightmares) The Secondary had a tough time defending from the aerial attack cousins was able to produce. it wasn't spectacular on their part (Vikings) but they did manage to take advantage of quick inside passes just between the middle linebackers and our safeties. Add-in with a few apparent broken tackles (Eddie come on man we all saw that) and glaring miscommunication I'm otherwise "Okay" with their performance. Now, I've grown used to the monsters of the midway defense, (The interceptions, the sacks, the force fumbles, and just pure domination from the front 4) that "okay" performances are equal to great or even spectacular defense in comparison to other defenses. Roquan Smith for the second week straight was just an animal, everywhere at all times, add in a little Danny Trevathan action and these two were the ones that got an "A" from me.

Defense Vs Rush (A+) Defense Vs Pass (B) Overall Pressure(A)

Notables: Akiem Hicks, Roquan Smith, Khalil Mack, Danny Trevathan, and Brent Urban

MVP: Roquan Smith


-Everything that was asked for they provided. Special teams are perhaps the only faucet of this team that has been constant. they hit their field goals, they do not give up terrible field advantage, they pin the offense into their own territory, they make the tackles they need to and they return a kickoff for a TD. Now it's not all sunshine and rainbows, Harris did muffle the catch off of a punt, but for the majority of the game, special teams were limiting their mistakes and improving from the games prior.

Kicking (A) Defending (A) Return (B+)

Notables: Cairo Santos, Cordarrell Patterson, Pat O'Donnell

MVP: Cordarrell Patterson

This was tough, now experiencing injuries to the likes of Foles and Hicks (Among others) the road to the playoffs just became a lot harder. Nagy and the company must respond and they must do it fast as they face off the Packers.

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