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Is Lamar Miller the Saving Grace?

It is official, "Monty" (David Montgomery RB) will not play this Monday against the Minnesota Vikings. As we have previously stated Cordarrel Patterson seems to be the next man up. Ryan Nell is another viable option but rumors are swinging back and forth on the possibility of activating Lamar Miller. The eight-time Probowl and former Texan suffered a terrible injury during the team's third preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys, Miller tore his ACL prematurely ending his season. He was then placed on injured reserve on August 26, 2019. On August 13, 2020, Miller signed with the New England Patriots. He was placed on the active/physically unable to perform list after signing. He was activated on August 31, 2020. Miller was released from the Patriots on September 5, 2020. Miller was signed to the Chicago Bears' practice squad on October 5, 2020. The move reunited him with offensive coordinator Bill Lazor and running backs coach Charles London, whom he respectively played under in Miami and Houston.

Can activating Lamar Miller be the saving grace?

Nope, now listen it can help and it will provide some depth into the offensive line up that is begging for miracles to keep players healthy. The root for the lack of offense on the ground goes far beyond who lines up under the RB/HB role. Playcalling and lack of commitment to the run game by coaches and the offensive line is and always will the key to what defines success or not. The offense has been simply stagnant in their playstyle, always revolving around the same play calls and terrible time management. Here is a thing that Lamar Miller can provide, opportunity. Although the injury has provided a major setback for him he is still defined by his teammates as simply "Explosive" and that is what the team needs, and explosive decision to dig their heels in the back and commit to any slim hole the offensive line may provide. Miller was and always will remain a viable threat for any linebacker he just needs the men in front to provide a stronghold to allow him to open up the gamebook for later in the game.

The question remains; Will activating Lamar Miller onto the roster provide a jumpstart to his offense? or will it remain as stagnant as it always been?

As Always BEAR DOWN!

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