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The Chicago Bears have formally announced that they are doubling down on Andy Dalton being the week 1 starter. Despite having a tough bout during the OTA's it seems that Dalton has "won" the starting position despite Fields impressive debut that had the wide receivers personnel buzzing over how accurate the passes were during practice. Darnell Mooney in particular has been raving over how beautiful the passes were that left him smiling when he finally had the opportunity to do so.


3,494 16 14 Passing yards Passing touchdowns Interceptions

59.5 37 84.3

Passing PCT % SACKS QB Rating

32 73 4 Rushing attempts Rushing Yards Rushing Touchdowns

Something to prove:

Despite receiving a mixed reaction to his arrival to the windy city Dalton sets to prove something on the field this year. With a reinforced offensive line, weapons at the key positions in both WR and TE Dalton can be poised for a productive year if the offensive line can buy him some more time. His biggest challenge, himself. Although he does possess a better mobility range than that of Nick Foles it is not sufficient for the system that he is being brought into. The offensive line with their new additions possesses more of an agility structure for the pocket to move in either direction if the pocket collapses. We will see what the season will bring for our QB 1

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