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Opinion Poll: Fields Year One...

We have our guy! Year one is perhaps the most important stepping stone for a future franchise quarterback. Should we start him in week one? Maybe halfway through the season? should we let him sit the year and have him in learning scenarios that come with the territory. Let's go through the list and see the possible scenarios that can strengthen or jeopardize Justin Fields.

WEEK 1 Starter:

Nothing would make me happier than seeing this kid out on the field and shredding defenses with his speed, deep air attacks, and being the vocal point for the offense. Out of all quarterbacks drafted in the first round, Fields has the mentality to do well in year one. Add in draftees in Teven Jenkins ( look out for my future piece on him) and Larry Borom, guys like Cole Kmet and Darnell Mooney entering year 2, the return of Tarik Cohen, Allen Robinson returning to Chicago we may have an offensive explosion that we haven't seen in years. Fields orchestrating and marching these guys down the field can easily put us in a top ten offense (a much better position in comparison to the last three years).


There are still "holes" in the offensive line that needs strengthening. Placing all the pressure on Fields to perform right away to save a GM's and a Coaches job is not the right reasoning behind starting Fields in week one. Even if he outperforms Foles and Dalton, we still need to preserve Fields for the long run. We have four years to get this right. We see examples year after year of impatience hindering the growth of Qb's. The latest example in Cincinnati, Joe Burrow went down last year with an ACL tear. With inadequate line, we place our franchise quarterback in a position to regress not succeed. We are already paying Dalton $10 million this year and Foles another $9 million. They provide valuable experience that Fields can reap for the sowing. Let us not forget Week one is against Aaron Donald and the LA Rams, a tough break for a rookie QB.


This interesting, decision for this happen involves many seasons altering scenarios that can lead us to see Justin Fields put on the helmet and ball out. For me, this a better option for Fields as opposed to starting in week one. Week by week Fields will be continually improving his physical and mental attributes but learning about the game in the NFL is an entirely different beast that takes years to grow accustomed to. Fields can torch defenses and by halfway a season the mistakes should disappear from the offense providing an opportunity for FIelds to step onto the field and become the hero of the windy city.


Halfway through a season is like half-A$$ing, hail mary attempts to save a season (or a job) this implicates pressure that can break (or create diamonds) in a young QBs career. For me it's an all-or-nothing approach, Yes starting halfway is better than week one, yes fields can succeed halfway and help us reach the postseason, yes I would like to see the Bears in the playoffs but there is a fine line.


A lot of you will hate me for this, but I think Fields should sit in year one. I'll list out my reasons before you decide to go for the jugular on me in this one but hear me out:

  1. We can use year one to continue strengthening our offense with the draft and free agency. Allow Fields to succeed once he does step onto the field.

  2. Learning progression, it's valuable, it is the difference between regressing and strengthening the skills that Fields possesses. This provides time for fields to learn the system and be a part of a system that revolves around him. Watching and learning from the bench, being on the sidelines talking to the coach and the starting QB (Dalton) about in-game decisions and why they are being made on the spot leading up to this point can open Fields' perspective once he is on the field.

  3. We (the Bears) suck at developing QB's and it's a neverending vicious cycle of destroying young prospects. we have seen this with Mike Glennon and Mitch Trubisky (still love this guy btw). We need to provide a foundation for Fields to support on.

My stance is to sit the Young QB. We have four years to get this right. Let us use this time to fix our offense, reengage our defensive core, and get a system going that allows us to succeed when we do step onto the field. Pace and Nagy's drafting of this class is a pure A+ from me. Let me know what you think

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